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What is SeismoLEE?

SeismoLEE is a free web application developed at the Laboratory for Earthquake Engineering (LEE) of the National Technical University of Athens. The name stems from the greek work "σεισμός" (earthquake) and LEE the initials of the lab that SeismoLEE is being developed.

Record Online Processing

State-of-the-art tools for record correction, filtering, response spectrum assessment. Calculation of most intensity measures are available. Husid plot calculation.

Single DOF Oscillators

Seismic response assessment of single-degree-of-freedom (sdof) oscillators. Many hysteric models available. Calculation of inelastic response spectra.

Seismic Engineering Tools

Adanced seismic engineering tools are available, i.e. rocking block, sliding block, pulse identification & extraction among others.

Key Features

The key features of the application are:

Signal Processing

Processing ground motion records

The software is able to read various records formats, extract record properties including PGA, PGV, PGD, Max Arias Intensity, Characteristic Intensity, RMS Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement, Housner Intensity, Mean Period, Sustained Max Acceleration/Velocity, Effective Design Acceleration, Uniform/Bracketed/Total/Significant Duration, and Predominant Period as well. Fourier Analysis is also provided.

Response Spectra

Calculate the acceleration, velocity and displacement spectra of ground motion signals

Response spectra and pseudo-spectra are quickly calculated. Query spectral values, see the ADRS (acceleration-displacement) spectrum. Plot the spectrum in log-log coordinates. Use either period or frequency on the x-axis.

SDOF Oscillators

Calculate linear and nonlinear response history of SDOF (single-degree-of-freedom oscillators)

Different material models are available (linear, elastoplastic, peak-oriented, Bouc-Wen) models can be chosen to provide hysteretic plots, or response histories of force, displacement, velocity and acceleration.

Sliding Block

Sliding block analysis based on Newmark analysis

Permanent displacement calculation of a rigid block using Newmark slope stability analysis. Relative velocity and displacement are also calculated for different yield coefficients.

SeismoLEE: Sliding Block

Pulse Extraction

Extract the significant pulses of ground motion record

Use wavelet analysis to extract the significant pulses of ground motion record. The tool can be used to determine is a record is pulse-like or not and also to decompose the signal to a number or Mavroedis & Papageorgiou wavelets. (The feature will be included in a future version).